Ettenheimer Stadtanzeiger

For the past 40 years, this Newspaper has been delivering to almost 13.000 Households in the southern Ortenaukreis, places included are Ettenheimweiler, Ettenheimmünster, Altdorf, Wallburg, Münchweier and offcourse Ettenheim itself. Additionally, the city of Mahlberg and its suburb Orschweier and the council of Kappel-Grafenhausen, Ringsheim and Rust are also served with the Ettenheimer Stadtanzeiger. The main purpose of the Newspaper is Regional Information, especially on the topics of politics, sales and communal changes, i.e. property adverts, new member of the council.

Badische Zeitung

The Badische Zeitung was first published in 1946, over the years the Newspaper has gained in reach, today, almost 130.000 Households receive a copy six times a week.  A high demand in copies simultaneously results in a high provision of adverts. The request to advertise through this paper became so high, that not every advert was published; to counter this issue the Badische Zeitung established an online property platform ( The goal of this portal is to create a regional property market for commercial and private properties available for rent and purchase.  In the long-term, more information and news regarding the topic of properties will be provided on this website.


Zypresse was one of the first newspapers from the Baden Region with the sole function of delivering adverts to households. With over 135.000 copies delivered daily and over 200 different categories, buyers and sellers profit from the strong reachability of the Zypresse. The property adverts are held short but informative; the Owners leave a compact description and their contact details. Additionally, all adverts can be viewed online within a manner of seconds.