Additionally to the Newspapers and property search engines, property agents and constructing-, residential corporations (Bau-, Wohngenossenschaften) are two alternatives one may use in order to acquire accommodation. Both of these alternatives are common in the region and are easy to locate via the Internet.

When arguing to use a property agent, one must consider the commission also known as the courtage. Once the agent has fulfilled his services that lead to a rental or purchasing contract, he is entitled to a commission. In regards to Rentals, the German rules says, whoever employed the agent (searcher or Owner) is liable to pay for the agents services. The costs of the agent is legally capped at two months’ rent plus Tax. In regards to a purchase or sale contract, the courtage is usually 5% – 7% of the selling price, which can be split between the two parties; however, there is no legal basis that has to be followed here.

Constructing-, residential corporations are Institutions that help their Members with activities and issues regarding property topics. These activities may include aid with property search and constructions. Unfortunately, we have to emphasis on the length of time one may have to wait before accommodation is offered due to a long application process.