The market of real estate in Rust has been substantially growing for the past years. A main factor for its growth may be the Europa-Park and the new Water-World Rulantica. Our always-increasing number of employees and the jobs created indirectly contribute to the high demand for accommodation. Many Locals and Investors have used this “scarcity” of real estate as a profitable business opportunity.

The real estate scarcity has spread around the state of Baden-Württemberg, making it the ideal location for Investors. Real estate in the types of holiday properties, new housing, historic buildings, nursing homes and student/worker homes are especially high in demand. The Region profits from the already good existing properties base, often “only” a rebuild is necessary. The demand for brand new properties causes high percentage earnings to be made. Furthermore, the Historical real estate market is especially attractive to Investors due to the many tax saving opportunities. Additionally to being tax attractive, historic real estate tends to have a great basis for the function of student or worker homes, a type of property with a great demand strength.

Immobilienumsätze von 2002 in Baden-Württemberg

Above, is a graphic designed and calculated by Prokschi Immobilien, showing the figures of property related activity that contributes to the GDP (Gross Domestic product) of Baden-Württemberg.