With 60.000 people living in Offenburg, it is the largest city in the Ortenaukreis, Offenburg is located about 36 Kilometres north from the Europa-Park. Merged Together with the councils of Durbach, Hohberg, Ortemberg and Schutterwald, Offenburg has formed a group counselling management system.

Positioned at the foothills of the Black Forest, Offenburg is located almost in the middle between the 66 Kilometre away Karlsruhe (north) and the 54 Kilometre away Freiburg (south). Being supported by the geographical location and a strong seasonal weather occurrence, the Leisure opportunities in the area of Offenburg reach from going skiing, to mountain biking, to music festivals or if preferred, a monkey park nearby would also be up for grabs.

In an economic regard, Offenburg points with the 40.000 Jobs that exist in over 2.000 different Companies. Furthermore, the city functions as the main purchasing, servicing and distributing power in midcentral Baden. The university of economics and technical sciences provides an adequate higher education for the Offenburg locals, along with a wide variety of educational institution’s, that let you specify in most areas. 

Here, the average renting price is 9,20€ per square meter