With 47.000 people living here, Lahr is the second biggest city in the Ortenaukreis, from which 31.000 live in the main city, while a solid 15.000 live in the suburbs. Due to the merger of several suburbs, Lahr has gained quite a diverse character. The location of the suburbs Reichenbach and Kuhbach, enables Lahr to reach deep into the Black Forest, while the suburbs Sulz and Mietersheim are located at the foothills. Lahr also occupies parts of the Rhine Valley, due to the suburbs of Hugsweier, Kippenheimweiler and Langwinkel. 

The sustainable and future driven city is the home to a large diversity of nations. The fusion of these aspects leads to great offer to fulfil leisure, hobby, and social needs. Events are open for invitation on a weekly basis, regarding topics such as health, economics or environmental change. Most natives engage in a great work-life balance philosophy, popular activities include mountain biking and hiking in the Black Forest.

The career opportunities in Lahr and its surroundings are solid and continuously rising, with the existence of 3.700 firms, 29.000 People have found their Workplace here. Conveniently located at the A5, the Europa-Park lies within a 20min drive while the city’s local airport and train station covers the regional and international mobility.

Here, the average renting price is 8,50€ per square meter