The architectural town has to offer a lot more than its traditional façade. The home of 13.000 People is located 10 kilometres west from the Europa-Park. The council of Etthenheim includes the suburbs of Altdorf, Ettenheimmünster, Ettenheimweiler, Münchweier und Wallburg, reaching from the Rhine Valley through the transition to the Black Forest.

Proof of being an ideal family place, may be the large offer on culture, leisure opportunities, sports and social-life fulfilments. The Traditional anchored people and the place they live are the hosts to many Whine- and ritual events.  A large family friendly Swimming Pool and a Lake is available for the needed balance of Social Events and Sports.

Being located at the A5, Ettenheim enables firms and private commuters an easy access to international and regional mobility, one may reach the Europa-Park within 10 minutes. The town has always emphasised on the importance of a family friendly environment, proven by the many Kindergartens, Playgrounds and safely build housing estates in quiet areas.

Here, the average renting price is 8,70€ per square meter