Herbolzheim is the youngest and most northern located town in the Breisgau Region, located only 9 kilometres south from Rust. Being part of the larger council of Emmendingen and located at the edge of the central Black Forest, the 10.000 strong town does also have its own suburbs, including Wagenstadt, Broggingen, Bleichheim and Tutschfelden.

The town represents itself, as a diverse place with a wide variety of attributes; included should be the range of cultural and culinary experiences, leisure activities and sights of great romance. The Europa-Park golf course is worth mentioning for its supreme location in the whine hills of Tutschfelden, the 18-hole master course and the fine dining restaurant. The local and only seasonal opened Restaurants known as “Straußenwirtschaften”, are all marked with a witch-broom and are particular high in numbers here.

The Goal of an always-growing economy while saving and creating jobs is heavily emphasised in the operations of Herbolzheim council. As a measure to turn this goal into reality an Economic-development-Institution has been set up, that acts as a consultant and supporter to firms, while also promoting start-ups and property-relations.

Here, the average renting price is 9,70€ per square meter