At the most southern point of Germany, Freiburg is the biggest city with almost 230.000 people living here, from which 15% are University Students. The City is the home to some major state institutions including the presidium of the government.

Freiburg lies within the traditional metropolitan region Oberrhein, which inhabits 6 Million People. The city itself attracts over 3 Million visitors annually, especially due to its cultural city centre and the widely known “Bächle”, a tiny river flowing through the streets. The offers between culture, leisure and career opportunities are nowhere to be found as balanced as here. In some places, the surrounding Black Forest reaches into the centre of the city, creating beautiful parks and space to forget the everyday life.

The most southern large city of Germany is a real heavyweight, when it comes to Economics. Freiburg alone produced a GDP (gross domestic product) of 11.264 Billion, placing itself on the 35th place in the German economical ranking. The number of universities and other educational institutions gives rise to wide variety of opportunities to be taken by students. The transport system is one many cities may look up to, the main mode of transport is established to be cycling, while an always-on time tram provides an adequate connection for longer commutes.  In the means of a more regional and international accessibility, a main train station, a connection to the A5 and a not too far away (75km) Airport are available. 

Here, the average renting price is 13,90€ per square meter