Touching France and Switzerland, the nature rich region Baden lies in the southern German county, called Baden-Württemberg. The Black forest places its beauty in the mountainy southwest, including the 1.500m high Feldberg in the south. Hence, the Winter-wonderland becomes realistic in the colder months of the year, while the area in the rest of the year, poses with its quiet Forests, romantic Valleys and dreamy hiking-, leisure opportunities.

In respect to the population and pure size of the county, Baden-Württemberg is one of the largest German counties. Furthermore, the county can be seen as a proper heavyweight in regards to the economic position due to its continual development for the past decades. The people are dedicated to the economic structure known as the “Mittelstand” principle, which has led them to many world known inventions i.e. the automobile. However, well-being and work-life balance is just as respected and incorporated in their productive Lifestyle.

Worth mentioning, is the widely known wine industry of Baden-Württemberg, presenting its goods in one of the 70 star or seasonal restaurants kown as "Straußen". The nearby region, known as the Elsass in France is a simple reflection of Baden, with their similar architecture, landscape and love for good wines.