Rust’s population count of 4.300 is quite a low number in comparison to the daily Visitors of the Europa-Park, which is counting at an average rate of 35.000. The council is located in the Ortenaukreis of Baden-Württemberg and due to the independence of the council; its jurisdiction does not exceed the village markings of Rust.

Besides the existence of the Theme Park, Rust offers a beautiful green landscape as a result of the geographical location in the Rhine Valley. Located here, a look to the west, one may gather a breathtaking sight into the Vosges of France, while the Black forest is extending in the east.

The in 2005 state officially approved leisure and holiday Resort is a major contributor to the employment market for administrative, strategic, productional and operative Jobs. The Park alone produces up to 5500 Jobs directly, while the indirect effect may count up to 10.000 Jobs created.

Here, the average renting price is 10.00€ per square meter