MACK Company group

MACK Company group

Fascinate millions of people, year after year - The MACK Group knows how to achieve that! The innovative and high quality forms of entertainment put smiles on visitors' faces all over the world. The Europa-Park Resort is one of the largest employers in South Baden, with over 4,500 members of staff during the season. The centrepiece, Europa-Park, opened in 1975 and is the most visited theme park in the German speaking area.

In recent years, the group has grown continuously, and its competencies have been expanded: whether at Rulantica, Eatrenalin, YULLBE, MACK Rides, MACK ONE or MACK Animation, etc., everyone can find a professional home with us - freely following the Mack family motto "The wide world is my field".

Ed Euromaus und Snorri begrüßen die Besucher

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Logo des Europa-Park Erlebnis-Resort

The Europa-Park Resort comprises a worldwide unique offer consisting of Europa-Park, Rulantica, Eatrenalin, YULLBE, the six 4* (superior) hotels, the Camp Resort, Europa-Park Camping, numerous restaurants and several wellness & spa areas.

Europa-Park Logo

More than 100 attractions and international shows guarantee fun and entertainment for the whole family on an area of over 95 hectares. During the season, more than 4,500 employees work for the Resort across a range of different jobs.

Rulantica Logo

Rulantica is the second park in the Europa-Park Resort and, similarly to Europa-Park, wins guests over with its great attention to detail and theming, as well as wide range of attractions. The water world offers one of the most beautiful indoor and outdoor water experiences in Europe, all year round.

Europa-Park Hotels

Six lovingly themed 4* (superior) hotels, the Camp Resort with tipi tents, covered wagons and log cabins as well as the Europa-Park Camping, a caravan site with numerous spaces and pitches for tents, numerous restaurants and several wellness & spa areas offer the perfect conditions for an unforgettable short holiday and a unique workplace.

Eatrenalin Logo

Eatrenalin is a unique, multi-sensory fine dining experience, combining multimedia content with culinary art of the highest level and sending visitors of a journey for all senses. The futuristic gastronomy concept 'Eatrenalin' symbolises the symbiosis of 'Eat' and 'Adrenaline'.


The unique full body tracking free roaming VR experience was developed by MACK One and VR Coaster in cooperation with leading international designers and technology manufacturers. YULLBE is a location-based VR hub and promises innovative virtual reality experiences where the whole family can leave the boundaries of their usual reality behind.

MackOne Logo

MACK One has grown from an inhouse agency at Europa-Park to an international developer and adviser for innovative theme park design, media-based entertainment and media content. The team develop ideas for the attraction industry of tomorrow. They are particularly proud of the fact that people worldwide experience their work every day.

MackRides Logo

MACK Rides, the oldest company in the MACK Group, dates back to 1780 and had its beginnings in the construction of carriages. Over the centuries, the field of activity changed, and the first roller coaster was manufactured as early as 1920. Due to the latest, most innovative solutions, MACK Rides is now one of the top 5 rollercoaster manufacturers in the world. The success can be well illustrated in figures: More than one million passengers are transported on their rides every day.

MackAnimation Logo

MACK Animation, formerly Ambient Entertainment, is one of Europe's leading studios for feature animation films and high-quality media productions for theme parks and amusement parks, including 4D films and flying theatre movies.

VR-Coaster Logo

In 2014, VR Coaster became the first company in the world to add VR headsets to a rollercoaster ride and has now equipped over 70 theme parks with their technology. VR Coaster does not only develop the thrilling VR content with their creative team, they also produce the state of the art software and hardware needed for these captivating VR experiences.


A wide range of courses in dance, artistry, music and arts awaits the members of the TALENT ACADEMY in modern course and classroom facilities. More than 30 international coaches run over 100 courses each week, which are attended by over 360 children.