Living in Baden

Welcome to the Ortenaukreis, you have already accomplished your first big step; you are part of one of the biggest Companies in the region now, the Europa-Park. With the aid of this website, we would like to inform you a little bit about this beautiful place. Additionally we would like to assist you in the process of property searching. Below you will find five Information areas that you may use as a guide to find your new Home. If you are still unfamiliar with this Region, we advise you to have a look through the Areas in a chronologic order.

Baden-Württemberg and Rust

Rust is one of the most popular short-holiday destinations of southern Germany, conveniently located at the border triangle, Rust and the surrounding Area makes an optimal Family Home. The three squares below are designed to give you a little introduction to the region of Baden, Rust and its beloved Europa-Park.

The region Baden

The effort of moving can be exhausting, not just the actual moving of your belongings, but also the orientation of your new Place to live. Below, you will find a short description in regards to Geography, Social/Leisure Life and Economics of the six major cities/towns nearby the Europa-Park.

Appropriate Property-searching routes

The Property-search may appear tuff; however, with the wright tools it may become a little bit easier. There are many different tools and portals available; we have outlined the most useful ones for our region Baden. The most popular Portals appear to be Online Portals and Magazines/Newspapers; however, we would still like to present two traditional alternatives that deserve consideration.

Supply and Demand of the Property Market

Additionally to the many explained and recommended portals and tools above, we would like to present you another one, the Europa-Park Property Portal. Here, you are able to find property offers in the direct area from private offerees, furthermore, as an owner you are able to create and publish an advert. In the last square one can find a little property market analysis.

Helpful Information

Settling in can be a difficult task, to give you some idea of the place we designed 2 sqaures with the sole purpose to make settling easier for you. The location and contact details of important institutions, leisure opportunities, bars and restaurants and other useful infos are below. The “Tipps” square includes some guidelines regarding property search.