Talent Scouts Europa-Park

What actually is a Talent Scout?

A Talent Scout is someone whose job it is to find talent!

For us Talent Scouts of Europa-Park, it's not just a job, it's something that’s very close to our hearts.

We are your first contact. Your application lands with us, and the Talent Scout that is most familiar with your desired field will process it, pick up the phone and call you to get to know you. In the best cases, you will then come to us for an interview. Here, in our office, we will find out which position suits you best, which of our many working hours models can be best integrated into your life, and which talents are lying dormant in you. And then we can begin discussing the conditions, drawing up your employment contract and going through it with you. This ensures you have a wonderful and easy first day at work and feel comfortable with us from the very start. We will put you in touch with your primary contact, who will show you your workplace, introduce you to your team leader, show you the canteen and create your employee ID card together with you. We Talent Scouts are at your side throughout your trial period and are always there if you have any questions.

What defines us?

  • we look closely and find the hidden talents that nobody else has discovered
  • we look not only for entertainers, superstars, and the drivers of success, but also for the helpers in the background, the silent ones, the problem solvers
  • we don't have blinkers! We look to the left and right, outside the box, behind the résumé
  • we take our time - for the application, for the applicant, for filling the individual positions, in order to find exactly the right person for exactly the right position

We want to get to know you! And you want to get to know us too? Then apply now!

Let us introduce ourselves:

Sina Rack
Sina Rack
  • Sina Rack

Sina recognises talent for service immediately and hires all the waiters, bartenders and service staff that make our guests smile. She knows that guest satisfaction always has a lot to do with emotions and therefore prefers to hire applicants who put heart and passion into their work. As a Zumba fitness trainer, she also ensures happy faces - but only when everything is going smoothly in the hotel catering sector.

sina.rack@europapark.de / +49 (7822) 77-15498

Rafaela Kaltenbach
Rafaela Kaltenbach
  • Rafaela Kaltenbach

With Rafaela, clean work is always part of the program. Therefore, she is looking for every talent that can make the hotels shine in the housekeeping, wellness and reception sector. Just as the housekeeping staff notice every speck of dust, Rafaela has a precise eye for those applicants who can put all their skills and passion into exceptional appearance. While working with Rafaela is a clean affair, as a companion on blue fire, she unfortunately falls a little bit flat - she doesn't dare to ride this rollercoaster.

rafaela.kaltenbach@europapark.de / +49 (7822) 77-15499

Matthias Bär
Matthias Bär
  • Matthias Bär

Matthias has devoted an entire course of study to leisure and tourism and is therefore very familiar with business. His heart belongs with the attractions and the employees who ensure that they can provide incomparable fun and enjoyment. Anyone who interviews with him can hardly wait for their first day working at an attraction.

matthias.baer@europapark.de / +49 (7822) 77-15492

Emilie Guerne
Emilie Guerne
  • Emilie Guerne

Her middle name, Louisa, may still be missing here, but that really isn’t necessary, she thinks. Emilie’s calm nature is deceptive. Not only does she speak wonderful French and Spanish, but she also does the most amazing phone interviews. If you have applied for Rulantica or as a salesperson, she will be the one calling you, and if that happens you may have hit the jackpot. If you can answer “yes” to the questions about your swimming skills, then nothing will stand in your way of starting as an operator or lifeguard at Rulantica.

emilie.guerne@europapark.de / +49 (7822) 77-15491

Sonja Böhm
Sonja Böhm
  • Sonja Böhm

Sonja, born and raised hotelier, who gives our team some necessary structure. She works best when all desks in her vicinity are tidy and clean. Behind the obvious tidiness, inside and out, Sonja is hiding a hip-hop fan familiar with tons of lyrics, as well as a lover of good cuisine. Whether truffle or curry wurst, she values any meal made with heart. It’s fitting that Sonja is the point of contact for our park F&B department. 

sonja.boehm@europapark.de / +49 (7822) 77-15497