Become part of our cleaning team; learn how to properly handle premium detergents for use on different materials. Ensure hygienic cleanliness with us and put a smile on our guest’s faces.

As a cleaner you will be responsible for the hygienic cleanliness and the conservation of the high standards of our sanitary facilities, cloakrooms and training rooms in the middle of Europa-Park. You will learn to work efficiently and with latest technologies.

You will practice being structured, efficient with all the latest technologies.

Job openings in the field Cleaning
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Zur Unterstützung unseres Mitarbeiter-Appartment Teams suchen wir ab dem Saisonstart 2019 eine Reinigungskraft auf 450€ Basis (m/w/d)
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Seasonal work full-time & part-time
Be part of our cleaning team! Learn the proper handling and use of high-quality cleaning agents on the most diverse materials. Take care of the hygienic cleanliness and bring a smile to the faces of all our guests. As a cleaner, you bear a great responsibility for the hygienic cleanliness and preservation of quality in our sanitary facilities, cloakrooms and training rooms at the centre Europa-Park. You’ll work in a structured and efficient manner with the most modern techniques.
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